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Dubai Bling's Sparkling Return & ZEE5 Global Add-ons

Dubai Bling's Sparkling Return & ZEE5 Global Add-ons

The Return of Dubai Bling, Intigral Unveils stc tv Cinema Channels, Cinema Akil's Outdoor Collaboration, Zee5 launches Add-On, Spotify's Audience Network Launch, Pro Kabaddi League's Streaming Thrill
Zee5 Global aggregates South Asian streaming platforms in one destination  for Add-ons

Hey streamers, welcome to the 5th edition of The Streaming Lab Podcast! Yann and Vinit here, ready to take you on another exciting journey through the streaming landscapes of the Middle East, North Africa, and India.

Dubai Bling season two unveiled: The glamorous world of 'Dubai Bling' returns with its second season, premiering on December 13. We delve into how this show is shaping the region's entertainment scene.

stc tv Cinema's big reveal by Intigral: In a significant move, Intigral announces stc tv Cinema and stc tv Cinema +2, two new live TV channels on the stc tv platform. We dissect what this means for streaming content diversity.

Cinema Akil steps outdoors: Discover the charm of Cinema Akil's new outdoor venue, CA in 25hours. In collaboration with Ennsimore, this initiative promises a unique blend of cinema and open-air ambiance.

The Zee5 Add-Ons effect: Zee5 is changing the game with its new add-on features. We explore the implications for the wider OTT landscape in India & the US.

Spotify Audience Network arrives: The launch of the Spotify Audience Network in India is setting new Advertising standards in podcasting. Let’s analyze its potential impact on listeners and creators alike.

The pro Kabaddi league phenomenon: As the Pro Kabaddi League starts streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, we dive into what makes this sports event a streaming sensation.

Join us next week for more insights and surprises from the streaming world. Keep streaming, and see you in our next episode!

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