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Lights, Cricket, and Digital Drama

Lights, Cricket, and Digital Drama

Explore the latest in MENA and India’s streaming scene in our second episode
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Happy Diwali!


Hey streamers, welcome to the second edition of The Streaming Lab Podcast - Yann here, alongside Vinit - celebrating Diwali and diving deep into streaming updates!

What's buzzing in MENA? This week in the MENA region, we're buzzing about STARZ ON's latest move. They've launched their AVOD and FAST services, stepping up the streaming game. Plus, we're diving into a review from Broadcastpro ME, highlighting the winners and losers in the MENA streaming sphere.

Cricket fever and potential acquisitions in India. Over in India, the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup has been smashing records, setting a new benchmark for simultaneous streams. And there's big news brewing - is Jio on the verge of acquiring Disney Hotstar? Plus, we're keeping an eye on the potential Sony and Zee merger. What does this mean for streaming content in India?

Our top content recommendations As always, we're here to guide your streaming choices. Stay tuned as we reveal our top picks for the week, ensuring you're watching the best content available.

So, whether you're celebrating Diwali or just looking for your next streaming obsession, join us as we explore the dynamic worlds of MENA and India's streaming landscapes. Let's dive into another exciting week at The Streaming Lab Podcast!

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