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Insights from DICM 2023 and Record Streams in India

Insights from DICM 2023 and Record Streams in India

From DICM’s anticipated gathering to India’s streaming milestones

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Do you think you know everything about Dubai International Content Market? Think again.


Hey streamers, welcome to the third edition of The Streaming Lab Podcast - Yann here, with Vinit , bringing you the latest from the streaming world in MENA and India.

In this episode, we delve into the heart of the Middle East's dynamic streaming landscape. We're particularly excited about the Dubai International Content Market 2023, taking place this week. This event promises to showcase a blend of global content trends.

Shaking up the regional streaming scene are BLINX and VIORY. BLINX is set to redefine storytelling for Gen Z and Millennials, while VIORY is pioneering in bringing real-time stories from remote corners of the world.

Turning to India, Disney+ Hotstar recently reached a new pinnacle with Cricket and a whopping 53 million concurrent streams. The FAST segment is also making significant strides with platforms like Runn TV and Jio TV, offering viewers a rich array of ad-supported content. Finally, Fancode platform has now expanded its reach by becoming a Prime Video channel.

Thanks for joining us on another episode of The Streaming Lab Podcast. Until our next episode, happy streaming!

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