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🎙️The Streaming Lab Podcast: Pilot Episode

🎙️The Streaming Lab Podcast: Pilot Episode

Why our voices matter in the streaming revolution.
My new podcast studio looks like this: simple & efficient.


Hey streamers, a warm welcome to everyone tuning in to the very first edition of The Streaming Lab Podcast!

I'm Yann Colleter, the writer behind The Streaming Lab newsletter, and I'm thrilled to embark on this new auditory journey. Each week, I'll be at the mic with my good friend and co-conspirator, Vinit Metha, transforming what you've read into what you can now hear.

So, what is The Streaming Lab podcast? It's your go-to digest for the ins and outs of streaming content, but we're more than just words on a screen – we're the voice in your headphones, breaking down the latest trends and insights.

Why a podcast, you ask? We believe in the power of conversation, the richness of audio, and the ability to dive deeper into topics that matter to you, our listeners.

You can expect a blend of the familiar and the new: thought-provoking discussions, engaging interviews, and a little something we're keeping under wraps for now – you'll have to stay tuned for that!

Our focus is where the action is – the MENA region and India – a dynamic, rapidly-evolving space that's reshaping the world of streaming.

Wondering where you can catch us? Our podcast will be available on Substack, and where you typically get your podcast fix: Spotify & Apple Podcast.

And the best time to listen? Whether it's during your morning routine, your commute, or as you wind down for the day, we'll be there to keep you company and in the loop, once a week, each Tuesday.

So, grab your headphones and let's get streaming with The Streaming Lab Podcast. Thank you for joining us, and let's jump right into the world of streaming content together.

Listen (soon) here: Apple | Spotify

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