“The Streaming Lab is one of the few reliable sources of industry updates.”

Yasmin, Commercial Director MENA, Nielsen

About The Streaming Lab

The Streaming Lab is the flagship brand within TSL Media, a company formed in October 2022 by Yann Colleter, CEO and editor in chief.

The Streaming Lab newsletter, launched in May 2022, quickly became the new voice in coverage of the streaming industry in the MENA region. Created by streaming professional Yann Colleter as an alternative to traditional trade reporting.

Our Fast-growing audience includes nearly every streaming services and a wide breadth of streaming professionals from the MENA region.

The Streaming Lab is also getting interest from major entertainment markets: US, UK, France, India, etc.

TSL Media also includes The Streaming Lab podcast with interviews of industry insiders about the trends shaping the future of streaming and Streaming in INDIA, a must-read newsletter about the streaming universe in India



  • The Streaming Lab articles and essays about streaming in MENA & all over the world that Yann publishes each week.

  • Streaming in INDIA, your weekly round-up of India and streaming news from Vinit.


About Yann

Yann Colleter

Yann is the Founder of THE STREAMING LAB, a streaming media consultancy focused on market intelligence, content marketing, business representation, content distribution and OTT/CTV Advertising.

Previously, he was the Head of Sales at Grey Juice Lab, a premium OTT content aggregator. He’s helped build content strategies for brands like StarzPlay, Mobily, Telkom, Celcom, Cablevision, Telekom Slovenia, Globe Telecom, etc.

He was the Co-Founder of ChatFood, a powerful mobile ordering and marketing solution for leading hospitality brands that got acquired by a European unicorn.

He started his career helping Orange acquire one of the internet’s most popular streaming service, Dailymotion.

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“A phenomenal work, so well-filtered and industry focused” Demetri Papazissis, Encore Media

“Very insightful. Probably the only comprehensive report in the region” Fares Sayegh, Roya Media Group

“The Streaming Lab is an amazing help for us to understand the different players, business models, and content offerings that compete in the MENA region” Jesús Herrero, Jump

“This report is a gold mine containing detailed explanations and data, congratulations Yann !” Pascale Lallemand, Mips Markets RX France

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